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Welcome to the official homepage of the
Astronomical Society of Western Australia Inc.


Happy New Year everybody! Follow this link to learn about meteor showers for 2016. Remember that, for most showers, you can watch for several nights around the shower's peak. A dark sky is always best... 

The Perth ASTROFEST 2016 will be held on Saturday 12 March at Curtin University. ASWA will be there, what about you?

ASWA's banner at Whiteman Park

2015 was the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Read more about the IYL2015, why light is important to us, and the City of Perth Lighting Strategy.

Unfortunately, the last visible lunar eclipse till 2018 for Perth-ites was completely clouded out in Perth on the night of Saturday 4 April for those hoping to see it with the naked eye or telescopically. ASWA member Roger Groom was able to image it, however, from the Perth Hills. See his images here.

The Perth ASTROFEST 2015 was held on Saturday 28 March at Curtin University, and it was awesome. ASWA was there and had a great time, were you?

2009 was the International Year of Astronomy. As part of the IYA, the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast Project was established to publish one podcast per day, for every day of 2009. Listen to the excellent podcasts and read the transcripts for 29 March 2009 and 1 December 2009 by ASWA Immediate Past President, Chris Marr.

Check out the Perth Observatory night sky camera. It takes a series of short exposures about every 10 minutes and posts these wide field images of the night sky to the web.

ASWA holds its Lunar Section nights at Whiteman Park. The Park is a great place to visit for all sorts of activities. See the Whiteman Park website for more details.

ASWA has held a number of very successful Viewing Nights at Camp Leschenaultia, and would like to recommend the camp site and its many facilities. Click the Logo to visit their website.

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Radar Image (rain) for Perth.
Phases of the Moon from 1700 to 2035

The Astronomical Society of Western Australia Inc (ASWA) is the premier Astronomical society in the state of Western Australia. We are located in Perth, the world's most isolated capital city (at roughly 32ºS 116ºE), but are open to Membership from all over the state, the country, the world, or even the Universe. If you check a satellite snap of the Earth at night, you'll see us as that lonely dot on the west coast of the vast, dark expanse that is Australia.

The following events are for ASWA Members and those who may wish to become members. Country, Interstate and Overseas visitors with a strong interest in Astronomy are also welcome.

For further information on any of the following, see the ASWA Diary for contact details or contact ASWA.

Saturday 6 February - Serpentine
Sunset - Deep Sky Night

Monday 8 February - Como
7pm - Astronomy Class
8pm - Ordinary Meeting

Saturday 20 February - Whiteman Park
Sunset - Lunar Viewing Night

Friday 4 & Saturday 5 March - Dryandra
Sunset - Astrocamp

Saturday 12 March - Serpentine
Sunset - Deep Sky Night

Monday 14 March - Como
7pm - Astronomy Class
8pm - Ordinary Meeting

Saturday 20 March - Whiteman Park
Sunset - Lunar Viewing Night

Click for Perth, Western Australia Forecast

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