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Member Activities & Services

ASWA provides a range of activities and services to cater for its diverse membership. The schedule of events appears in the ASWA Diary.

Ordinary Meetings – held on the second Monday of each month at South Perth Bridge Club, these are ASWA's major indoor activity and typically features a talk or some other presentation (usually by a guest speaker) on an astronomical subject, hints and tips by members, Society reports and general socializing.

Astronomy Classes – held immediately prior to most Ordinary Meetings. These provide beginners with an introduction to the major areas of astronomy and are also useful to existing members who are seeking to expand their knowledge into new areas. Visitors interested in joining ASWA are welcome.

SectionsASWA maintains and encourages the establishment of special interest groups, called Sections, to enable those who specialise in any aspect of Astronomy to share their ideas, plans and successes, and be involved with others with the same interests. Sections meet regularly at various locations around Perth, depending on the nature of the activity (indoors for talks and workshops, outdoors for observing).

Lunar Section                          Club Night              Tammin Observing Site

Deep Sky Section                    Juniors                   Hands On Workshops (HOW)         

Southern Districts Section        Astrocamp              Seriously Dark Sky Observing

Specialists - where there are insufficient members actively involved in a particular aspect of Astronomy for a Section to be formed, ASWA has appointed Specialists. These are members who have a specific interest in a given field and have undertaken to act as advisors and otherwise as a source of information in that field to other ASWA members. These Specialist fields provide a basis for the establishment of additional Sections as interest in them increases.

Journal ASWA’s official Journal is The Sidereal Times. Published bi-monthly, it contains a range of informative articles (mostly written by members), sky highlights for the coming months, Council and Section reports, classified advertisements, notice of upcoming Society events and details of past activities within the Society.

LibraryASWA recognizes that many astronomical publications may be beyond the budget of the amateur, so our Library contains a wealth of astronomical material - including books, star-maps, catalogues, videos, DVDs, CDs and publications of astronomical organizations worldwide.

Instrument Loans ASWA maintains a variety of astronomical equipment (including 4-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 16-inch, and 17.5-inch telescopes), and makes some of these items available for loan. Members must have been with the Society for at least six months in order to take advantage of the loan programme (twelve months for the more complicated instruments). Email our Instrument Curator for details.

Public AstronomyASWA holds Viewing Nights for the public at various venues around the metropolitan area, and at schools, clubs, scouts/guides, etc for evenings learning about the night sky and viewing through telescopes. Presentations and talks are also available.

This page was last updated on 9 March, 2014