Above:- First Station - The team gather for a Sunday morning practise session, using light aircraft as a substitute for a satellite. The 50mm fence instruments on their table mounting can be seen between the two rows of theodolites. Left to right, back row:- Peter Arriens, Betty Pinnock, Frank Leroux, Mr & Mrs John Levitzke, John Pinnock, Ron Ashe. Left to right, front row:- Owen Middleton, Daphne Ashe, Norm Gilchrist, Archie Strickland, Bran Kostic, May Strickland. Other leading team members , Cec & Doris Walton, Colin & Don Edwards were not at this session. Photo by Malcolm Miller

Below:- A similar practice session at the re-built second station using the fence of 120mm refractors. The MX instrument is in the foreground.