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Lunar Section

Lunar viewing nights are held monthly at Whiteman Park at different phases of the moon. These are unstructured evenings, where observers’ telescopes wander over the moon locating and examining various craters, rilles, plateaus and mountain ranges. The key is to follow along the terminator (the line on the moon that marks the end of sunlight, i.e. where the lunar days ends and the lunar night begins) as it is the shadows that tell the greatest stories. Beginners will find many experienced observers happy to answer questions and share their knowledge. There are toilets on-site and ASWA has their own kitchen with power, running water, hot drinks and refreshments. We always find time during the night to chat over a cuppa. In addition to viewing the moon, observing any planets that are visible is also a popular activity.
Drawing craters and other features of the moon's surface

This page was last updated on 3 March, 2014.