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Public Astronomy

ASWA strives to promote and popularize Astronomy by periodically holding major Viewing Nights for the public at various venues around the metropolitan area. This is an opportunity for you and your family to spend an enjoyable evening together learning about and seeing some of the wonders of the night sky.

Would you like ASWA to come to you? If you think your school, club, church group, etc. would enjoy spending an evening learning about the night sky and viewing through telescopes, why not ask ASWA to come and show you? Our experienced guides will bring their telescopes to share their love of the sky with you. Powerpoint presentations and talks can also be arranged. Who knows? ...you may just begin a fascinating new hobby! For details, including cost, please send us a message.

A Public Viewing Night held at Gooseberry Hill Primary School on 29th August 2003, at the time when Mars was the closest to Earth than it had been for 60,000 years.
A wide variety of Telescopes and Instruments are used at schools and Public Viewing Nights.


is for all ages
Two of ASWA's 17 1/2 inch Dobsonian telescopes.
Set-up used for close up views of the moon's surface. A camera in the eyepiece transmits a picture through to the monitor screen.

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