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Seriously Dark Sky Observing (SDSO)

SDSO is a section within ASWA for those who are willing to travel reasonable distances with their astronomy gear for seriously dark sky observing. [Please note, this section's activities have mostly been replaced by observing nights and weekends at ASWA's Tammin Observing site.]

A few ASWA members have been traveling as a group to dark sky locations since about 2005 with the number increasing since. The creation of SDSO in July 2007 was a formalisation of those existing activities with the aim to make it more visible to members of ASWA and potential members of ASWA, creating awareness that these activities exist within ASWA. In 2008 we regularly had 8 - 12 members attend with usually more telescopes than members.

Our trips are typically to locations within 4 hours drive of Perth, more often 2-3 hours. They occur about once a month on the new moon weekend, but depend on everybody's availability. Unlike metropolitan activities SDSO trips only go ahead if there are members definitely attending.

We enjoy taking the weekend to have a relaxed drive and stay at a dark sky location, usually 1 to 3 nights depending on the distance and the type of accommodation. We take it easy and enjoy our time out away from the city. Being more of a "weekend trip" than a "short night out observing" it is not uncommon for partners/family members/friends/pets to come along also.

Accommodation varies between farmstay, motel, camping, and cottage type accommodation. We often "rough it" camping, but not always. All suggestions of locations and accommodation options are gratefully received. Please, send in your ideas!

This page was last updated on 3 March, 2014